Just Added:
The Wicked Words and
Mischievous Music of Tom Lehrer


In honor of Tom Lehrer's 133nd birthday (calculated in base 8 of course 😀), Landmark Musical Theatre in association with the Shelton Theater is proud to present an encore performance of its very first production in San Francisco, TOMFOOLERY, at the Shelton Mainstage Theater in San Francisco, opening May 25, 2019. The show is based on some of the funniest satirical songs ever written by Harvard mathematics professor and genius songwriter Tom Lehrer, taken almost exclusively from his three major albums produced between the late 1940s and the mid 1960s: Songs By Tom Lehrer, An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer and That Was The Year That Was.

More than fifty years later, in this strange and often wacky world we now live in, what is most remarkable is how much his songs written back then often sound like someone actually wrote them last week in response to the latest headline or Stephen Colbert monologue. Songs like Send The Marines, Who's Next, National Brotherhood Week, The Vatican Rag and The Masochism Tango are hysterically funny and also shockingly relevant.

Landmark Musical Theatre has a talented and diverse cast of Bay Area performers who will take you on a delightful voyage through Mr. Lehrer's slightly twisted mind and music. (To see our cast's bio's, click on a photo and then "mouse-over" the picture.)

In addition to three regular performances a week (Thursday and Saturday night at 7 PM, and Sunday at 2 PM matinee), we have a special treat for you each week: a Friday SING-ALONG where we will invite you to join the cast in singing many of Lehrer's most famous "hits". If you don't remember all the words, or if you are new to his music, we will provide you with lyric sheets. Grab a drink at the bar, take it to your seat and have a delightful night revisiting all these classics or hearing them for the first time!

As Tom wrote in his ode to the Boy Scouts, "Be Prepared"!

After each Sunday matinee performance, please join us for 15-20 minutes in the theater and ask whatever questions you want to ask of our cast and staff (although we don't promise to answer EVERYTHING you ask!)