Ticketing Assistance

Selecting A Date

On the left side of the ticketing panel is a dropdown menu that will initially display the earliest performance date coming up (currently Saturday, February 16, our first preview performance). You will also see the standard ticket prices available for that date. If you change the date using the dropdown menu, the standard ticket prices may change (depending on what date you chose).

Selecting Ticket Quantities

You may select the number of tickets you wish to purchase (up to the maximum permitted or available) for the selected date on the right side of the widget. You may select tickets from more than one ticket price category (if there are multiple ticket prices displayed). When you are done selecting the quantities of tickets you want, press the Add To Cart button. You will then be taken to the seat selection page on the Brown Paper Tickets website.


Selecting Your Seats

The system will attempt to choose the best seats available for your ticket request. You have four options:

  • You can return to the ticketing page and change your ticket request (click the Back button). Whether you started on the Brown Paper Tickets website or the Landmark Musicals website, if you press this button you will always end up on the Brown Paper Tickets website.
  • You can request a new seat selection (click the Assign New Seats button). You may press this button as often as you wish and you will get a new randomized seat selection each time. The system will always try to keep your seats together and also to minimize any single seats left in any row.
  • You can accept your seat selection (click the Next button)

Using Discount Codes

If you have a discount code, you need to enter it in order to see the ticket prices with discounts.

  • Press the text link that says Enter A Password Or Discount Code. The Password/Discount Code field will appear above a button that says Show Available Tickets.
  • Enter your discount code and press the Show Available Tickets button. When you press the button, you will be taken to the Brown Paper Ticket website and you will see the same ticket panel but with the Brown Paper Tickets website information surrounding it.
  • If your code has matching discount tickets for the date you have selected, you will immediately see the additional discounted tickets with a yellow background. Otherwise, you can change the date to one with discounted tickets for your code. You do not need to enter the discount code again unless you want to change the code itself.

Checking Out

Once you are satisfied with your ticket request and seating assignment (by pressing Next from the seat assignment page), you will be able to review your cart. You may continue shopping for more tickets or you can press the Checkout button and proceed to pay for your tickets.

On the checkout page, you will be asked to fill in the order information (name, email address, phone number, etc.) and accept the terms and conditions (two checkboxes that must be checked to purchase your tickets).

At this point, you have the choice of making a direct credit card payment with Brown Paper Tickets or using PayPal. Brown Paper Tickets checkout is easier and more direct, but it is a bit more costly to Landmark Musicals, so if you are willing to checkout with PayPal, we urge you to do so. You can checkout with PayPal from an existing PayPal account, or you can just enter your credit card information there without creating a PayPal account. The cost to you is the same regardless of which checkout option you choose.

Mobile Phone Support

If you are using a mobile or smartphone, you may complete your order the same as with a desktop computer system and browser with two differences:

  • On a mobile phone, you will have preassigned seats, but you will not be able to modify them or choose your own seats. That option is only available on a desktop browser.
  • On a mobile phone, the PayPal option will not be present as it is not supported by Brown Paper Tickets. You must pay direct to Brown Paper Tickets with your credit card.