FANTASTICKS Callback Information

Please read the entire callback information page as it contains important information for the callback process.

Scene Work: Callbacks will be held in two sessions. At 7 PM, we will do scene work with all actors. Unless you have a prearranged, conflict, please be available promptly at 7 PM. We will not do any warm-up exercises for this session, so please take time to warm up on your own. Everyone will get to read their scene(s) at least once, but some may be asked to read several times. A request to have you read more than once is not indicative of who will receive an offer for a part.

We will not review the scene work prior to starting, so please take time to at least read through the scene PDFs that you will be using. If possible, review all of the PDFs as we may ask you to fill in for a character that you are not called back for. If you have access to a printer, please bring a copy of each of your scenes with you as we will only have a limited number of copies of each scene available at the callbacks.

There will be a short break after the scene work session. We will dismiss anyone not needed for singing callbacks at the end of the scene work session.

Scene Downloads:

Scene Character(s) Scene File (PDF)
Scene 1 El Gallo, Luisa click for .pdf
Scene 2 El Gallo, Matt click for .pdf
Scene 3 Luisa, Matt click for .pdf
Scene 4 Hucklebee, Bellomy (with Luisa, Matt) click for .pdf
Scene 5 El Gallo, Hucklebee, Bellomy click for .pdf
Scene 6 El Gallo, Henry, Mortimer click for .pdf

Singing: Singing callbacks will be held after the scene work session (probably about 8:30 PM but that is a flexible time). We will do a short vocal warm-up prior to singing. For each song, our music director Christopher Hewitt will provide a review of the section of the song we are using for callbacks, first by playing the basic notes and then by having everyone sing together. Harmonies will be quickly introduced, but we do not have time for extensive harmony review during the callbacks.

Everyone will get to sing the entire section several times in a group. However, as our time is short, there will be no opportunity for a solo review for anyone. It will be very helpful to you if you have reviewed both the audio file (.mp3) and sheet music file (.pdf) linked on this page prior to callbacks.

You are not expected to have memorized the music. We would prefer you hold the music while singing solo and do a good job than to attempt it without the music and have problems. You will be given at least one opportunity to sing each of your callback songs solo (or with others if it is a multi-part song) and the order of your audition will be determined by the directors.

Music Downloads:

Title Character(s) Section Sheet Music (PDF) Audio File (MP3)
Try To Remember El Gallo measures 81-end click for .pdf click for .mp3
Much More Luisa mseasures 45-end click for .pdf click for .mp3
Metaphor Matt measures 9-26 click for .pdf click for .mp3
Never Say No Hucklebee, Bellomy measures 49-end click for .pdf click for .mp3
I Can See It El Gallo, Matt measures 22-63 click for .pdf click for .mp3
They Were You Luisa, Matt measures 37-74 click for .pdf click for .mp3