Callback Information
Where: Shelton Theater, 533 Sutter St., San Francisco
When: Sunday, September 30, 2018

Song Schedule
6:30 PM - Solos for Eva (Buenos Aires, Don't Cry For Me Argentina)
7:00 PM - Solos for Che (High Flying Adored, Oh What A Circus)
7:30 PM - Solos for Juan and Magaldi (Dice Are Rolling, Night of A Thousand Stars)
8:00 PM - Ensemble (Requiem, Peron's Latest Flame, New Argentina and Rainbow Tour)
9:20 PM - Administrative discussion (pay, schedule, conflicts, etc.)
9:30 PM - Duet for Mistress/Che/Men (Another Suitcase)
9:45 PM - Duet for Eva with Migaldi (Beware of the City)
10:00 PM - Duets for Eva with Che and Juan (There is No One)

Character Schedule
Eva - full session (6:30 PM to end)
Che - 7:00 PM to end
Juan - 7:30 PM to end
Magaldi - 7:30 PM to approx. 10:00 PM
Mistress - 8:00 PM to approx. 9:45 PM
Ensemble only - 8:00 PM to approx. 9:30 PM

Callback Musical Selections

Each selection consists of the music from the score with lyrics and piano in PDF, an MP3 file excerpted from the original Broadway cast album, and an MP3 file with just the instrumental backing for the selection. (Note: the MP3 files are not quite ready and should be posted by Thursday. The links will be inactive until then.)

TypeCharacterSong Sheet Music MP3 w/vocals MP3 instrumental
SoloEvaBuenos Aires Click Click Click
SoloEvaDon't Cry For Me Argentina Click Click Click
SoloCheOh What A Circus Click Click Click
SoloCheHigh Flying Adored Click Click Click
SoloJuanDice Are Rollinbg Click Click Click
SoloMagaldiNight Of A Thousand Stars Click Click Click
DuetEva/CheThere Is No One Click Click Click
DuetEva/JuanThere Is No One Click Click Click
DuetEva/MagaldiBeware Of The City Click Click Click
DuetMistress/MenAnother Suitcase Click Click Click
EnsembleEnsembleRequiem Click Click Click
EnsembleEnsembleNew Argentina Click Click Click
EnsembleEnsemblePeron's Latest Flame Click Click Click
EnsembleEnsembleRainbow Tour Click Click Click